About me

Hi everyone! 
My name is Tanya and I'm a make up junkie from the UK.

 It's never too much make up or beauty products!
Join me to my regular make up hauls, reviews, comparisons etc etc... :)
 I love to experiment with make up looks and sometimes post face of the day pictures)
I also do my week in pictures posts when I have time to take tehm..))
I love affordable and decent make up brands that offer good value for money.

My other obsessions include Perfume, Healthy Eating, Sport, Photography and Photoshop.

Some facts about me:

Hair Colour: Natural hair colour - dark blonde/light brown (didn't really figure it out)
Hair type: Straight and fine, oily/sensitive scalp
Skin: Fair with yellow undertone
Skin type: Combination/acne-prone
Eyes: Gray-Green, the colour changes depending on lightening