Monday, 19 March 2012

Oh GOSH! :) (Review, photos, swatches)

Hello everyone! 

Today I nipped to Superdrug.. with no intention of buying anything.. but I couldn't resist.
This time it was a GOSH!
I think they have a few new products there, eye shadow quads, lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeliners etc.
I originally wanted their waterproof eyeliner in a different shade to what I've got, but after seeing couple of new products I could not hold myself from getting them too.. and they also had 3 for 2 offer on GOSH brand in Superdrug.. So here we are :D

Things that I got:
GOSH nail polish in 009 Bright Idea,  lipstick in 150 Kitten Pink & waterproof velvet touch eye liner in Metallic Brass


 First, Bright Idea nail polish from GOSH.
 All I have to say is - I'm so in love with this colour and formula. 
How gorgeous is this colour? I'm a huge fan of neutral nail polishes for every day wear. 
And this colour is brilliant, creamy nude, not to light like Essie, not a dark nude, not orange.. just pure perfection in my eyes anyway..

I thought I would compare it to other nude shades so you can get an idea of the colour :)
L to R: Essie Marshmallow, GOSH Bright Idea, No 7 Practically Perfect, GOSH Miss Sweety

GOSH Bright Idea nail polish
 This nail polish is a limited edition apparently :( I feel like I need a back up of this.. 
The most amazing thing about this nail polish is that I needed only 2!!! coats to get an opaque colour!
Even with some more expensive brands you sometimes need more coats.. and especially nude colours tend to be very sheer.. 
I would definitely recommend this nail polish if you like nudes and you better get it now as it is a limited edition and once it's sold out it's gone :(

Now is the lipstick.
 I compared it to other pinks I've got as well.
 As you can see they all look pretty much the same.. warm bright pinks...

GOSH Kitten Pink is in the middle.

Ithink it is very close in colour to MAC Viva Glam Nicki but less neon and more wearable, and also more creamy. The pigmentation is wonderful. So I would say if you thought Nicki was too neon bright, or you want a cheaper alternative, GOSH Kitten Pink is the one. 

Looking at how many pink lipsticks I've got I think I've got to stop buying them lol 
 Out of them all, in terms of shade, I think my favourite is Nyx Fig, as it is the most wearable out of the all, which I can pull off to work, for instance, whereas the rest are well out of my comfort zone but still great :)

L to R: L'oreal Freshly Candy, Nyx Fig, Gosh Kitten Pink, MAC Viva Glam Nicki, Sleek Heartbraker

L to R: L'oreal Freshly Candy, Nyx Fig, Gosh Kitten Pink, MAC Viva Glam Nicki, Sleek Heartbraker

 And.. Finally..
GOSH waterproof velvet touch eye liners
The top one I've had for a while and have used a lot (It need sharpening, sorry for that)
These are great eye liners. They last a long time but there are longer lasting eyeliners.
But I still think they are great quality for a drugstore brand.

They are very soft and velvety, so easy to apply.
They look wonderful on waterline too, though you would have to reapply for an intense effect.
They are also great for smokey effect as it is so easy to blend these.
I would say these start to smudge after 8 hours of wear which I think is pretty good.

Top: Black Ink     Bottom: Metallic Brass

Top: Black Ink     Bottom: Metallic Brass
Metallic Brass shade is gorgeous. 
I can see how it will look wonderful with a smokey eye or on a waterline.

I quite like some products from this brand.
I really wanted some of their blushes for a while but they seem to be sold out all the time in my local Superdug.
I better check them somewhere else.

What do you think about GOSH brand? 
Are there products from this brand you really like and would recommend?
Would you like to try products from this brand?
Please share.
I'm curious to know your opinion xx

Thank you for reading.
I hope you found something useful.
Tanya xx
(P.S. Sorry for not posting very often or visiting your blogs as much. There are some studying I need to do in my spare time)


  1. I love the look of the nail varnish. I am really enjoying wearing neutral shades on my nails at the moment. xx

  2. I really like L'oreal Freshly Candy. Gives you a fresh touch of something new. :)

  3. i've been searching everywhere for a good swatch of freshly candy, so thanks! :)