Monday, 5 March 2012

MAC Chenman Collection Haul

Hello! :)
This is what I got from MAC Chenman collection.
In the UK this collection came out the same time as Shop Cook collection, and from Shop collection I only got 1 lipstick - Watch Me Simmer, as other things didn't stand out to me that much.
 MAC Watch Me Simmer lipstick review here

 I loved the concept of MAC Chenman collection.
 It's just beautiful.

 I love water myself and I like the fact that there is more than just basic blue shade in this collection.
I definitely wanted to buy more items from this collection, but, unfortunately, I just can't afford all.
I bought Play it Proper beauty powder, Budding Love lipstick & Pink Union Mineralize eye shadow duo.

L to R: Play it Proper , Budding Love & Pink Union

Play it Proper
Play it Proper beauty powder is gorgeous light neutral pink powder, great for highlighting.
Pink Union
I love these eye shadows. Beautiful & unique colours.
 I don't have anything like this.
They definitely represent the theme of the collection, which I absolutely adore!

Budding Love
I'm so in love with this lipstick.
MAC describes Budding Love as a pale lavender.
I would say this is definitely a pale, but pink lavender, compared to blue lavenders such as Fresh Amour from Mattene line.
This happens to be my favourite lavender from MAC so far. 
I think this is because it's so easy to wear and the formula is so comfortable.
I see an improvement to lustre finishes lately. They seem glossier & more pigmented(or my lips aren't very pigmented).

I've also done a comparison to other lavender/pink-purple/lilac lipsticks I've got from MAC.
L to R: Pervette, Snob, Saint Germain, Budding Love, Lavender Whip, Fresh Amour

L to R: Pervette, Snob, Saint Germain, Budding Love, Lavender Whip, Fresh Amour
Overall, I'm happy with the items I got. Can't wait to wear these beautiful colours.
What do you think about this collection? Did you get or are you planning to get anything from this collection?

I hope that photos and swatches were helpful.
Thanks for reading,
Tanya xx

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