Monday, 20 February 2012

SHOP MAC Collection - Watch Me Simmer lipstick review

Hello lovelies!

One of my recent purchases from MAC is Watch Me Simmer lipstick from their new collection - Shop MAC.

Watch Me Simmer stood out the most out of this collection and it came out in the right time because I just found my passion for bright warm pink lipsticks. Watch Me Simmer isn't just warm pink, it has also got coral undertones to it, which makes it so vibrant and unique. It's so gorgeous and has definitely became one of my favourite lipsticks.

Many people describe this lipstick as coral, but for some reason on my skin tone it's more of a hot pink with coral undertone :) I guess it may depend on the skin tone. Although this lipstick may look different on each skin tone, I think it is still universally flattering.

MAC Watch Me Simmer on my lips:

MAC describes this lipstick as "Bright Pink Orange" and I agree with this.
 I think it is more than just a coral!

This lipstick is an amplified formula which is one of my favourites. It is very pigmented, opaque and creamy, in one word - just perfect! It's quite long lasting compared to other creamy formulas of lipsticks I've tried. 

I personally find this formula creamy enough and I don't need to top it up with a lip gloss. Especially I'm very happy with the colour and I wouldn't want to tame it down either. 

Going bright is definitely the way for me!
I definitely think this is great lipstick to have in the collection. 
I will be great for the summer as well.
Obviously I will use it not just in summer :)
Check it out. I think there will be enough for everyone this time as this lipstick comes out twice this year. 
I actually wish they would have it as permanent, like many other limited edition ones. They are just so good.

Does anyone know how similar it is to Mac Impassioned? This is another one I'm interested in.
What are your thoughts on Watch Me Simmer? Are you planning to buy it?

Thanks for reading,
Tanya xx

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  1. I brought this the other day and I have to say I completely agree with you! The colour is perfect as coverage amazing! I brought it with the new Vera face powder/blush and the colours look perfect together! My only disappointment was that I brought nicki viva glam a few days before to which I came home and realised they are pretty much the same colours! Xxx