Monday, 2 January 2012

MAC Saint Germain lipstick review

Hi guys! Another post from me today. Really feel like getting this log filled with posts lol
This review is about one of my favorite pink lippies from M.A.C. which is called Saint Germain, see the picture below..
M.A.C. Saint Germain

This is a gorgeus pale blue perplish pink as I would describe it, that I haven't yet found a dupe for, which I think makes it very unique shade.This lipstick is amplified creme, which makes it incredibly pigmented and creamy as well. I can't say it moisturises my lips but they don't feel dry either. 

I absolutely love the texture and smell of MAC lippies, and this one is no exeption. 
This is a very bright pink coulour, I find it very difficult to wear on daily basis unless working with the colour, but that doesn't change the fact that I absolutely love this lipstick. To be quite honest I feel like a barbie when I wear it, I find t very glamorous, sort of Lday Gaga glamour. 

Now, I know why many people find it deiifuclt to wear this lippie, but I just want to encourage you guys to try this lippie anyway. I never had good relationships with pink lipsticks generally and I was very surprised to find out that this lippe doen't look bad on me at all. I think I know why it worked on me, but I might be wrong. I have yellow tonned skin so I think blue and purple undertones in this lipstick contrast with my skintone, which makes the lip colour really stand out and bring out yellow tones in my skin. 
The picture below is a little blown out because of the flash, but you can still get the picture. 
I love MAC Saint Germain!

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