Sunday, 8 January 2012

Back in shape programme starts tomorrow!

That's it. Enough of eating lots of calories. These holidays just get me addicted to all those nice foods like chocolates, curries and so on. I will give up everything but chocolate and curry and still will be able to get back to my previous weight. I didn't put on a lot though, I just want to get back to my athletic shape and just generally feel better.
I hope bog will help me to be committed to my decision as I will be reporting to you guys on how I'm doing. I will probably post what exercises I've done and what I've eaten. I've not had a recent picture of a whole body but that is how I looked last summer and I'm getting back to this in the matter of a month. That is my goal. After that I just want to stick to the lifestyle anyway. I remember how I felt back then, healthy and full of energy.. Believe me guys it's really worth it :)
August 2011
I will report soon xx
Thanks for reading,
Tanya xx

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