Monday, 27 February 2012

Elf Candid Coral & Giddy Gold studio blushes review


I find Elf to be one of the best drugstore brands out there, if not the best, considering the value and the quality for money. I have couple of their studio blushes and I want to share my opinion on them.

Candid Coral
This was my first blush from Elf and I think one of the first purchases from the company. I think this the time when I started getting into make up and trying new products. 

I actually rediscovered this blush the other day day and reminded myself how gorgeous it is. candid coral is a nice coral pink blush in my opinion.
 It gives gorgeous glow to the face and looks fresh, soft, a little shimmery  and not too much in colour. I didn't really see anything as good in other drugstore brands, so I think Candid Coral is a must have, if you like shimmery blushes though. 

Some may say it's not pigmented enough, but I think it just give enough colour and isn't overpowering. Another fact is that it doesn't last long. Honestly, I have more expensive blushes that last just as long. So I would say this blush is great value for money and the colour is gorgeous. 

My only problem with this is shimmer. Lately I've been loving more matte blushes. I would definitely recommend to try this blush if you are starting out with make up from Elf or just looking for a good everyday blush.

Giddy Gold
I went through orange blush phase and I had to purchase this one. Again I didn't expect it to be that shimmery. It is also not very pigmented, which is a good thing in my case because the blush looks extremely orange. I usually apply this over coral or peachy blushes to give that extra bronze glow.

 I think this blush can be used to give a bronzed glow. I love to use it when I'm tanned. If you are looking for this kind of affect or an orange glow this is a good blush to get.

Elf studio Candid Coral and Giddy Gold blush swatches:

As I said, I think Elf blushes are good value and quality for money.
I think they are great staring point if you are just starting out with make up, looking for the shades that would suit you or if you are studying and not working etc.

 I would love to see matte shades from Elf. Otherwise I don't think I will be purchasing anymore from this line. I will be trying their cream blushes. 

What was your experience with Elf studio blush line or cream blush line?

Thank you for reading,
Tanya xx


  1. I have never tried anything from ELF, not sure why when it is such an affordable brand. These blushes look lovely. x

    1. They are good for the price, especially Candid Coral, there might be others that good I haven't tried yet :) xx

  2. I love Candid Coral to bits! Did u know Candid Coral is actually a dupe for a TheBalm blush? I shared it on my blog here. You might want to check out: