Tuesday, 13 March 2012

BB Cream Overview (MUA, Missha B, Garnier)

Hello lovelies,

I think many are familiar with BB creams now days. They have been out for a while in Asia. Europe companies started creating something similar recently. I noticed that more and more companies come up with this idea.

I think BB cream are generally a great innovation as they can be a skin care product and foundation at the same time, which I think works very well. BB cream helps to prevent applying too much different products at the same time and saves time. 

So here you go, I have 4 BB creams, from 3 different brands.

Garnier BB cream Light shade
It has a lightweight formula that provides a dewy finish, which Ithink is the most shiny looking out of them all. I would recommend Garnier BB cream for dry or normal skin type. 

The cream moisturises the skin well, Venus out skin tone but doesn't cover imperfections well. I usually have to use a lot of concealer with this. The only thing a really liked about this BB cream is the healthy glow this stuff gave to my face. The skin looked healthier and glowing, beautiful. From the photo you can see it's quite dark even though it's a light shade, but bare in mind i switched those on inside of my hand so skin there is much lighter than my face. 

However, I have to use too much concealer with this and it doesn't last long as well. I really liked it at first, and almost finished the tube by the way, but I don't think I will repurchase unless Garnier will improve the formula.

50ml £9.99

MUA BB cream Light shade
 First of all, I was very impressed with this BB cream. Looking at the shade is just perfect for me. I'm a big fan of the texture of it. It seem thick and heavy like a thick foundation. It is difficult to blend the cream but it seem to go on smoothly. The only thing I'm disappointed about this product is that BB creams suppose to be skin car concept and plus the foundation, whereas there is just a combination of primer, foundation and concealer. So it doesn't provide any benefits to the skin. Despite this I thick the quality of this BB cream is excellent for the price. This BB cream provides pretty good coverage, like a good foundation would (having Revlon colour stay in mind) and it is buildable as well. The skin feels smooth and the finish looks natural with this product. MUA BB cream also lasts all day. 

Overall I'm very impressed, again, I would highly recommend to try this. For this price, you can't go wrong. The shade is perfect for my skin tone. For reference, I have a strong yellow undertone, and you can see from the picture how yellow it is.

In terms of quality of this BB cream I would say very close to Asian BB creams, without a skin care concept. Even formula feels similar.

30ml £4

Misha BB cream #21 & #23 shades
These are my first Asian BB creams. I can't really fault these, they have anti-ageing properties, high SPF, good coverage and they are easy to use. The cream again has quite a thick consistency but still blendable. I love these, but the only problem I have is the shade. You can see from the picture both shades are very cool toned, #21 is almost grey. They suppose to adapt to your skin tone, and they do, but not as much as I wished they did. They still have cooler undertone to them. I'm sure they would be great for those who have neutral or cool skin tone. I wouldn't repurchase this just purely because of the shade, otherwise I think they are great. Besides that, the coverage is good and builable. I'm sure someone who don;t have a lot of imperfections on their skin will be able to get away without using concealer. Another good thing about them  is that they stay on all day.

 20ml around £6-7; 50ml around £10-12 from Ebay

My favorite is definitely MUA BB cream.
Do you use or think of trying BB cream?
What is your favorite or which one would you like to try?

Thank you for reading,
Tanya xx


  1. Great post! I've been wanting someone to write a post on BB creams for ages x

  2. Tanya, thank you so much for doing such great detailed review!

  3. У меня тоже есть Миша 21 и 23, мне они очень нравятся! 23 подходит лучше, а 21 немного выбеливает все-таки. Мне нравится, как он маскирует все недостатки кожи, выравнивает цвет лица и увлажняет.

  4. I've wanted to try the BB Cream from Garnier but they only do two shades don't they and none of them seem to match me well, great post I needed a bit of education on BB creams, just started following your blog. Hope you can stop by mine some time too xxx


  5. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing.