Sunday, 11 March 2012

NOTD: Glittery grey

Hello lovely readers :)

Today's post is about another manicure of the day :)
This time I've added glitter again. Again I thought it would be prettier with it.
I found grey nail polish in the house that I pretty much never used because on it's own it seems dull and boring and by adding glitter to it, it looks more interesting and quite nice actually, considering I'm not always a fan of glitter :)
I hope you like it too..))

For this manicure I used some budget nail polishes from NYC and Beauty UK.
I don't think Beauty UK nail polishes come in this size anymore, I had this grey nail polish from them for a while but never really used it as it seemed boring and dull. I've also seen many similar to NYC nail polishes with silver and chunky blue glitter in drugstore. I especially like the combination of small silver and chunky blue glitter in this nail polish :)

The last picture is just lovely roses given to me from my other half :) Aren't they gorgeous? 

Thank you for reading,
Tanya xx


  1. Such a gorgeous nail colour, I never look at the NYC products. I am going to now. The flowers are lovely too. lucky you. :) xx

  2. they look lovely!! Lovely flowers too :o)
    Just followed ur blog

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