Friday, 23 March 2012

Elf haul & first impressions

Hello lovelies,

I know, more stuff from Elf again :) I just can't help myself because I love Elf products.
They are pretty good qualty and so affordable.

I think I bought these when there was a free gift worth £1.50 promotion, and the lucky ones could get something better, can't remember what now, and obviously, I wasn't the lucky one, oh well :) better luck in love then :D

Back to the haul.
This is what I got from Elf: Eye crease brush, Concealer brush, Studio eye shadow C brush, eyelash and brow gel, Matte lip colours in Natural & Tea Rose, Studio cream eye shadow in Pewter and a nail polish was the mystery gift.

And obviously I have opened the packaging and playing around with the products so I will be able to share with you my first impressions and reviews will be coming up later, after I've used the product for good amount of time.

Eye crease brush - I was pleasantly surprised with this. It is just the right size to get a precise application in the socket of the eye. The rush is quite dense which I wasn't expecting and I'm very pleased about. This brush is exactly what I needed.

Concealer brush - I did actually use it straight away to apply my concealer. I thought it was good. I don't think I had a specific brush for a concealer application before, I used to use just small synthetic brushes, but Elf concealer brush works very well when hiding blemishes, better than brushes I used before, so, another plus :)

Studio eye shadow C brush - From the first look and try I am disappointed. On the website it says this brush can be used for eye shadow application & blending, well, I cannot see the second option working well with this brush. Maybe it's just too big for my eyes or something, but it is flat and bristles in this brush are synthetic and I just can see it being able to blend well, but I bet this is going to be excellent for eye shadow application. We will just have to see then.

Eyelash and brow gel - I bought this purely for a brow gel for my eye brows. This is the first brow gel I own and used it straight away and liked it, but I've got nothing to compare it with, apart from saying that it does keep brow hair in place and shape I want, which is the exact effect I wanted from this product.

Matte lip colours in Natural & Tea Rose - I wasn't sure about these at first. I've seen so many mixed reviews, and I saw these on so many blog sales so I thought to myself, these can't be good then. I was wrong. At least they are good for my preference. They are matte, pigmented and creamy at the same time. They don't dry my lips at all and I think they are even creamier than Illamasqua lipsticks. Well, I'm obsessed with natural looking matte lips anyway, so I instantly fell in love with these. I will  be doing a review on them shortly.

Studio cream eye shadow in Pewter- I was curious about Elf cream eye shadows as it seem to be a lot of positive things said about it and I didn't have a lot of luck with Illamasqua liquid metal so I though I would try this. I was kind of hoping that the colour will be similar to Sure from Illanasqua, but it's close, but not similar. Even though the colour is different I still like it. I've not used it yet, but it seems like a nice formula and pigmentation. The packaging is so bulky though, unbelievable, takes too much space.

As a free gift I got a red nail polish, I think its their lightest red shade. I already have a red nail polish to be honest, but I do like this shade too as it seems like a lighter red. I don't particularly find Elf nail polishes that good, especially their drying quality, but I will have to try it out anyway.

And that's it for this haul. 
I think I will always find something to buy from them.
Does anyone else feel the same way about Elf products? :D

Thank you for reading,
Tanya xx


  1. Heey I have tagged you in my versatile blogger award :)) check it out.

  2. Love what you got! xx

    1. thank you :) I wish I got more lol ;)