Monday, 16 January 2012

What do I eat?

Hey guys!
Last week I were suppose to start getting back in shape programme which I have managed to begin with food so far as I didn't get time for exercising, and I hope to improve on that this week :)
This post is a about food, what food do I eat when I want to loose weight.. I'm not a specialist, I'm just telling what have worked for me so far. I have done a lot of research on this topic previously and last year regular exercisers of 20-30min and healthy food helped me to come down in 2 sizes..)))

Also, regarding food variety, I don't normally have time for cooking different dishes every day so i often eat similar thing every day just changing a few thing round, if that makes sense.

FTOD: Make up look for green eyes :) + Collection 200 lasting perfection concealer review

Hello :)
My make up look for today with lilac eyeshadow from MUA palette. I think these colours are a great choice for ladies with green eyes (like me) as they make them really stand out. It may seem that lilac colours won't work with warm skin tones, but I personally think they do, especially with yellow skin tones as lilac and yellow contrast with each other. I personally have warm undertone to my skin and I find wearing lilac/purple eye shadows with cool pink or purple doesn't fork for my compxion, so instead I choose warm nude lip colours such Sleek Naked lipstick.
MUA eyeshadow trio in Passion, which I used for this eye look. I really like colours in this palette but I'm not fun of the texture of the eye shadows. They seem quite sheer in application and difficult to work with. I much prefer 12 colour eye shadow pallets from MUA in terms of the texture. Though the colours are lovely and I may try other ways of applying these eye shadows.

In this post I'm also doing a review on my new concealer from Collection 2000 which I got today because I've completely finished other 2 concealers I had from different brands.

Product list:

Sunday, 15 January 2012

FOTD: every day look, Angelina Jolie inspired

Hey Guys..  I really liked her look on this photo and decided to create a similar look. I especially liked the lip effect which, I still didn't figure how to achieve, though I still tried.
I quite like this look. It is a great every day look that would look good with nude or bright lipstick. 
The only thing, I did have similar false lashes and I didn't do the wing with an eye liner.

 It's a shame I look nothing like her, she is just gorgeous :)


Products I used:

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Make up haul (MAC, MUA, VIVO)

Mac lipsticks: Pervette, Brave, Plink!
I love them so much already!!! Especially brave shade, this is the perfect my lips better colour for me that I was looking for ages. I will do a review on all MAC lippies I own very soon. I'm looking forward to creating new looks with those!
Now a swatch of Mac Brave. Couldn't resist :)
Mac Brave lipstick
I definitely like it! Stays on forever as well.

Then some drugstore lovelies:
MUA Extreme Felt Eyeliner, VIVO: baked blush shade 3 & baked bronze shade 3, MUA trio eyeshadow in Passion & Poptastic eyeshadow palette
I'm extremely impressed with VIVO blush and bronzer. They go on so smoothly and they so pigmented, so far the blush is my favourite at the minute. I wasn't very impressed with the rest though. I thought that MUA Poptastic palette isn't as pigmented as others and isn't as easy to work with, but still offer a good variety of bright colours. With trio I just didn't like the texture of these eyeshadow, they are just to powdery, though I absolutely love the colours.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Back in shape programme starts tomorrow!

That's it. Enough of eating lots of calories. These holidays just get me addicted to all those nice foods like chocolates, curries and so on. I will give up everything but chocolate and curry and still will be able to get back to my previous weight. I didn't put on a lot though, I just want to get back to my athletic shape and just generally feel better.
I hope bog will help me to be committed to my decision as I will be reporting to you guys on how I'm doing. I will probably post what exercises I've done and what I've eaten. I've not had a recent picture of a whole body but that is how I looked last summer and I'm getting back to this in the matter of a month. That is my goal. After that I just want to stick to the lifestyle anyway. I remember how I felt back then, healthy and full of energy.. Believe me guys it's really worth it :)
August 2011
I will report soon xx
Thanks for reading,
Tanya xx

Mascara overview

Today I'm doing an overview of the mascaras I currently own and telling you my thoughts about them.
I don't have any high end brands at the minute, though I've tried some before and they didn't really make the difference.

Here is the picture of the ones I own:
Elf Mineral Infused Mascara, Elf Lengthening and Defining Mascara, Gosh Serious Volume Mascara, Maybilline Pulse Perfection Mascara
There are a lot of different mascara brands out there and some of you may really like one and somebody else may absolutely hate it depending on what effect you want to achieve.
Whatever Mascara I used it always wasn't good enough for me so I still don't have a favourite and I'm still trying to find one. I naturally have very short and light eye lashes that aren't very thick either. I have tried conditioning them with different oil and it has never done anything different to my lashes.

 You can see how my lashes look without any mascara below.


Neutral make up look + 28 Neutral/Natural eyeshadow palette review

This is a neutral make up look I came up with today for work. I actually really like this look as it is suitable for the day and night when paired with darker lip colour such as red. This especially would look rally good with orange red lipstick. The camera didn't pick up a little smoky effect achieved with smudged eye liner which is a shame.
Anyways, this is how it looks:
Products I used:

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Marine lady look

Hi guys! Just sharing this look with you today which I achieved with wonderful palette from MUA. I absolutely love this blue-green colour and the whole palette. I didn't get chance to take pictures of the products I've used because my battery on the camera died, but I may do a review on this palette and will do some swatches.

Here is what I ended up with:
Then again, I don't think I've used any expansive make up products for this look which goes to show that you can get pretty good results with drugstore brands.
So the products I've used:

Elf Eyeshadow Base
MUA Eye Shadow Palette - Dusk Till Down (blue-green colour on the lids)
Darkest blue eyeshadow from Elf Clutch
Gosh Black Eye Liner
Gosh Serious Volume Mascara

Almay blush in 100 Bouquet

Rimmel lipstick in Soft Coral

I think MUA eye shadow palettes are fantastic quality for the price. I already want more. I recommend everyone to go and check them out in Superdrug.

Hope you like the look. 
Tanya xx

Friday, 6 January 2012

Tee Tree oil obsession! + skincare product review

Here are some of the skin care products that I'm absolutely obsessed with because they all contain tea tree oil.
I have problematic skin, it is sensitive and I often get breakouts so tea tree oil really helps to fight them and I'm addicted to the smell lol
The Body Shop Tea Tree Exfoliating Wash,Superdrug Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash, Tea tree oil, Tea tree face wipes
The Body Shop Tea Tree Exfoliating Face Wash
I love the smell of this thing, it is very fresh and of course, it smells of tea tree oil that I'm addicted with. The texture of the wash is very nice, not sticky at all and reminds of the texture of more expensive skincare brands as it has very nice quality feel to it. Exfoliating granules in this wash are very gentle and yet are able to do the job. I definitely feel the tingling sensation after using this due to tea tea oil and I love how my skin feels after this, very moisturised and soft. I would recommend this and will definitely buy this myself. I would give 5 out 5 to this product.

Superdrug Tea Tree foaming face wash
To be honest from all of the face foaming washes I had I didn't see the difference between them. This was the cheapest out of them all and I think that's the best thing about it. I think I like foam washes for the face the most as it is so easy to use them. They are very light and you only need a little of the product. I also love a minty smell that this product has. The only thing is that my skin feels a bit tight after using this so I have to moisturise my skin a little, but normally I would use BB cream after this which works just perfect and I don't have to worry about moisturising my skin. I didn't notice much of improvement in terms of spots as it promises though, so I might get something else next time. I would give this product 4 out 5. Generally this wash is very goof for the price you pay. 

Tea Tree oil
I absolutely love this thing. I know many people hate it but for some reason I'm attracted to this smell ha ha and my boyfriend absolutely hates it unfortunately.. I use this stuff on daily basis and it does help to spots to dry out and get rid of them pretty quick.

Tea tree face wipes
I use wipes sometimes to take make up off, and of course, I will pick tea tree ones lol I love these. They do the job of taking make up off and I know they have a spot prevention property as well. They are also very cheap and easy to use. By the way these wipes don't really smell like tea tree oil, I would say they smell more like vetiver, perfume ingredient if you are familiar with this one. They smell fresh and woody basically, love it.

Soft feminine make up look in coral shades

This is the look of today.
I find this look soft and feminine. This could be a nice day look with a nude lip or a romantic evening look with darker lips, or however you may like it.
 This look, again is quite inexpensive achieved with mostly drugstore brands.
Products I used:

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Face of the day, Natural make up look

This my make up for today. I decided to use another Elf eye shadow quad for a neutral eye look. This is what I ended up with.
 I wanted this look to be "no make up look" but I think I've used the wrong lipstick colour which is much brighter than my natural lip colour. Oh well..
I tried to take a picture of closed eyes but they seem to come out too dark so I'm going to use my normal camera next time, though I wasn't particularly impressed how eyeshadows blended. Elf eyeshadow in Drama blended much better to be fair. But I suppose if you only want a light touch of eyeshadows Elf Brownstone should be OK.

Here are the products I used for this look:

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

It's a pampering day! Face mask + feet product reviews

On the last day of holidays I decided to pamper my skin before coming back to hard work..) I did nice face mask and soaked my feet in a nice relaxing bath and applied a relaxing foot lotion afterwards.

This is what I used today

Superdrug Simply Pure Cleansing Mask and  Baylis & Harding foot set (foot salt + foot lotion)

Elf lipstick collection + swatches + review

Here are all Elf lipsticks I currently own:

I think Elf lipsticks offer good value for money, especially the essential line which is £1.50 each.
 I like the finishes of Essenitial line lippies which is kind of semi matte I would have thought. I don't feel like they moisturise my lips and they don't feel drying either, so that's good. Pigmintation, in darker shades especially, is quite good actually, coulours come out near enough like in the tube.If you can see I already broke Nostalgic lipstick. I think they are not so easy to apply as they are not very creamy and I end up pressing to hard.
I prefer Miniral line formula better as it seems creamier and easier to apply, but I don't have shimmery ones from this line. 

Swatches in the same order as in the picture above:

Natural nymph is a pale beige pink nude that gives an opaque finish. You can see how pale it looks on my skin and I have a pretty pale skin generally. This lipstick will probably go very well with dramatic smokey eye look. I've had this lipstick for a while now as it was one of my first purchases from Elf. I absolutely loved it back then but now I don't reach for it very often, mainly because I realised this is not an ideal shade for my skintone, so I suggest this lipstick for those who have pink undertones in their skin tone and for someone who is just starting out with make up this is an ideal candidate if looking for this type of effect. 


Nostalgic from Essential line is my preffered nude shade, as it's not too pale for my skintone. It also has a nice warm pink tone which is nice. I would definitely reccomend this lipstick, especially when the price is so nice, but bare in mind it won't stay on your lips for very long. 
I featured this lipstick in Smokey eye look found here:

I've got to say that Captivating is my favorite lipstick form Elf ever. This is a gorgeous toned down orange that is perfect for fair skintones, as the shade isn't tobright. I'm willing to put up with lasting power and pigmentation is truly wonderful. 

Elf Voodoo lipstick on my lips
Voodoo is a spicy warm red shade as described on Elfs website which I thought would be warmer than it is. This is not a problem as I like the shade anyway. This is quite a deep red compare to other red lipsticks I own. To me Voodoo is more of a brown red than true red, definitely not a bright colour. This would be great option for winter and is quite wearable during the day.  I don't wear deeper reds very often as they make me look very mature or vampy at times so I have to find an occasion for that, but it is lovely to have a different shade of red in my collection and especially if it is very inexpensive, like Voodoo.


 Fantasy is a nice brown lipstick that may be a good nude shade for darker skintones.The coulour of this lipstick actually reminds of chocolate :)
It doesn't look bad on my lips but now days I find brown lips a bit boring whereas I used to wear them more often before. This shade is cooler than Bare Brown from Mineral line and I prefer the latter.


Bare Brown is a lovely brown shade with warm undertones. This formula is creamier than essential line formula and provides more sheer application. This looks very nice with a lip liner. 

I hope you found those swatches usefull and excuse me for them being not very neat.

So these are all the lipsticks from Elf I currently own. As I mentioned earlier I think they are good value for money as they offer not bad quality and they are not overpriced like some other drugstore brands.

Monday, 2 January 2012

MAC Saint Germain lipstick review

Hi guys! Another post from me today. Really feel like getting this log filled with posts lol
This review is about one of my favorite pink lippies from M.A.C. which is called Saint Germain, see the picture below..
M.A.C. Saint Germain

This is a gorgeus pale blue perplish pink as I would describe it, that I haven't yet found a dupe for, which I think makes it very unique shade.This lipstick is amplified creme, which makes it incredibly pigmented and creamy as well. I can't say it moisturises my lips but they don't feel dry either. 

I absolutely love the texture and smell of MAC lippies, and this one is no exeption. 
This is a very bright pink coulour, I find it very difficult to wear on daily basis unless working with the colour, but that doesn't change the fact that I absolutely love this lipstick. To be quite honest I feel like a barbie when I wear it, I find t very glamorous, sort of Lday Gaga glamour. 

Now, I know why many people find it deiifuclt to wear this lippie, but I just want to encourage you guys to try this lippie anyway. I never had good relationships with pink lipsticks generally and I was very surprised to find out that this lippe doen't look bad on me at all. I think I know why it worked on me, but I might be wrong. I have yellow tonned skin so I think blue and purple undertones in this lipstick contrast with my skintone, which makes the lip colour really stand out and bring out yellow tones in my skin. 
The picture below is a little blown out because of the flash, but you can still get the picture. 
I love MAC Saint Germain!

Inexpensive smokey eye look

Hi guys.In my first post I wanted to share the look of today acheived with really inexpensive drugstore make up products. It's nice to have products that offer value for money, especially with current economic climate. The products I've used are very affordable and if you are a student or on a tight budget you can't go wrong with these!
This is what I've used to get the look:
From L to R
Elf Brightening Eye Colour in Drama - good pigmentation, easy to work with
Elf Mineral Infused Mascara - pretty good mascara for £3.50
Garnier BB Cream in Light - I absolutely love BB creams, and you get 50ml for £9.99. I also love the glow it gives to the face unlike other foundations or BB creams I've used.
Elf lipstick in Nostalgic - nice for the price you pay, though not my favorite in terms of formula and texture
Elf Mineral Booster in Corrective Yellow - very mattifying, especially good when using BB cream
MUA blush in the shade 1 - gives a lovely youthful colour to the cheeks and lasts all day
Black eye liner from Gosh
Elf Mineral eye shadow base (which I forgot to take picture of) - very good value for money, depending on what eyshadows you use with it, sometimes they last all day!