Sunday, 8 January 2012

Neutral make up look + 28 Neutral/Natural eyeshadow palette review

This is a neutral make up look I came up with today for work. I actually really like this look as it is suitable for the day and night when paired with darker lip colour such as red. This especially would look rally good with orange red lipstick. The camera didn't pick up a little smoky effect achieved with smudged eye liner which is a shame.
Anyways, this is how it looks:
Products I used:


Elf Eyeshadow Base
28 Neutral/ Natural Eye shadow palette from unknown make (bought on Ebay in the UK) - I this this palette is quite good in terms of the variate of neutral colours, and for some matte eye shadow I think it is decently pigmented. Generally I found this palette good, but I always forget about it for some reason. Numbered eye shadows indicate the colours I used for this look. Number 1 is the one for the eyelids..)
Mua Intense Glitter Eye liner in Malt Chocolate for waterline
2True Eye Definer in No. 7 Brown
Elf Lengthening and Defining Mascara - I found this quite good for the price. Even on the Market you can't get get a mascara for £1.50, so this one is very good value and it does much better job than other cheap mascaras. If you gona go cheap, go for this one!


Garnier BB Cream in light
Sleek blush in 934 Sahara
Sleek Luminous Pressed Powder in shade 03(I use it as a bronzer)


Sleek lipstick in Bare all

28 Neutral/Natural eyeshadow palette
This is how it looks. You can see couple of colours are damaged due to the delivery but are still usable. As I mentioned earlier I like the variety of nude colours but I wish the eye shadows were silkier in texture. I think they are pigmented enough, especially for the beginner but I also think they could have been better pigmented. I think this is a nice palette to use every day. You are able to be creative with your nude looks and you can get this palette pretty cheap.

Thank you for reading. Tanya xx

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