Friday, 6 January 2012

Tee Tree oil obsession! + skincare product review

Here are some of the skin care products that I'm absolutely obsessed with because they all contain tea tree oil.
I have problematic skin, it is sensitive and I often get breakouts so tea tree oil really helps to fight them and I'm addicted to the smell lol
The Body Shop Tea Tree Exfoliating Wash,Superdrug Tea Tree Foaming Face Wash, Tea tree oil, Tea tree face wipes
The Body Shop Tea Tree Exfoliating Face Wash
I love the smell of this thing, it is very fresh and of course, it smells of tea tree oil that I'm addicted with. The texture of the wash is very nice, not sticky at all and reminds of the texture of more expensive skincare brands as it has very nice quality feel to it. Exfoliating granules in this wash are very gentle and yet are able to do the job. I definitely feel the tingling sensation after using this due to tea tea oil and I love how my skin feels after this, very moisturised and soft. I would recommend this and will definitely buy this myself. I would give 5 out 5 to this product.

Superdrug Tea Tree foaming face wash
To be honest from all of the face foaming washes I had I didn't see the difference between them. This was the cheapest out of them all and I think that's the best thing about it. I think I like foam washes for the face the most as it is so easy to use them. They are very light and you only need a little of the product. I also love a minty smell that this product has. The only thing is that my skin feels a bit tight after using this so I have to moisturise my skin a little, but normally I would use BB cream after this which works just perfect and I don't have to worry about moisturising my skin. I didn't notice much of improvement in terms of spots as it promises though, so I might get something else next time. I would give this product 4 out 5. Generally this wash is very goof for the price you pay. 

Tea Tree oil
I absolutely love this thing. I know many people hate it but for some reason I'm attracted to this smell ha ha and my boyfriend absolutely hates it unfortunately.. I use this stuff on daily basis and it does help to spots to dry out and get rid of them pretty quick.

Tea tree face wipes
I use wipes sometimes to take make up off, and of course, I will pick tea tree ones lol I love these. They do the job of taking make up off and I know they have a spot prevention property as well. They are also very cheap and easy to use. By the way these wipes don't really smell like tea tree oil, I would say they smell more like vetiver, perfume ingredient if you are familiar with this one. They smell fresh and woody basically, love it.


  1. Don't fret I too have a secretly addiction to tea tree smell. I even burn the scented oil at home. Ofcourse friends think its super weird but I love smell of tea tree products.

  2. I love Tea Tree smell too. Ever since my first bottle of Tea Tree Mint Shower Gel, I cant stop and have since been on a hunt for anything tea tree I could get hold of.
    Shampoo, Condition, Toothpaste, facial wash,and yes I have to burn the tea tree essential oil nightly.