Monday, 16 January 2012

What do I eat?

Hey guys!
Last week I were suppose to start getting back in shape programme which I have managed to begin with food so far as I didn't get time for exercising, and I hope to improve on that this week :)
This post is a about food, what food do I eat when I want to loose weight.. I'm not a specialist, I'm just telling what have worked for me so far. I have done a lot of research on this topic previously and last year regular exercisers of 20-30min and healthy food helped me to come down in 2 sizes..)))

Also, regarding food variety, I don't normally have time for cooking different dishes every day so i often eat similar thing every day just changing a few thing round, if that makes sense.

First of all it's good to start with a good breakfast. For me that is either fruits, which is breakfast on the go, then it is Weetabix and Oat Porridge. I try to eat Oat Porridge as often as I can as this really helps my digestion to work smoothly and I just generally feel so much healthier.

I hated Oat Porridge until recently when I started cooking it in my own way which is adding sweetener, cinnamon and raisins.
 For my lunches I actually snack a lot with peanuts and fruits.. Sometimes I make myself sandwiches with my own bread and tuna/fish/ham.. And when I'm at home or I literally don't have any time for lunch or dinner I like to have tomato soup.
 For my dinners I can have meat or fish with vegetables or fruits.. I know it's strange, but I prefer fruits to vegetable and vegetables usually goes off in the fridge..)) The picture below of my favourite dish that I have almost every day.. What do you think it is?? Rice with prawns??
Nope.. It's not rice, though it looks like it :) This is cauliflower processed in food processor, or it also can be shredded. Then I fry it with prawns or chicken or just beans sometimes adding a lot of different spice and I absolutely love it. This isn't rice so it won't taste the same.. If you like cauliflower you should like this. The main thing I'm trying to do is when I eat meat or fish I usually have it with salad or vegetables and when I have carbs like potato or rice I also try to have it with vegetables or salad, not mixing both. I do have an exception though, once a week I have a curry.

I didn't have a lot of variety last week. Hopefully I will make something different this week, though I really like my cauli rice. I can eat it very day for every meal lol

Thank you for reading,
If you would like to see any recipes let me know..
Tanya xx


  1. Great post! The processed cauliflower looks delicious!!

  2. Thank you :) And it is also delicious and healthy :)