Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Make up haul (MAC, MUA, VIVO)

Mac lipsticks: Pervette, Brave, Plink!
I love them so much already!!! Especially brave shade, this is the perfect my lips better colour for me that I was looking for ages. I will do a review on all MAC lippies I own very soon. I'm looking forward to creating new looks with those!
Now a swatch of Mac Brave. Couldn't resist :)
Mac Brave lipstick
I definitely like it! Stays on forever as well.

Then some drugstore lovelies:
MUA Extreme Felt Eyeliner, VIVO: baked blush shade 3 & baked bronze shade 3, MUA trio eyeshadow in Passion & Poptastic eyeshadow palette
I'm extremely impressed with VIVO blush and bronzer. They go on so smoothly and they so pigmented, so far the blush is my favourite at the minute. I wasn't very impressed with the rest though. I thought that MUA Poptastic palette isn't as pigmented as others and isn't as easy to work with, but still offer a good variety of bright colours. With trio I just didn't like the texture of these eyeshadow, they are just to powdery, though I absolutely love the colours.

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