Monday, 5 March 2012

No 7 Cheeky Chops nail polish & matching lipstick

Hello everyone,

Boots are currently doing £5 off vouchers on No 7 range and I decided to try their nail polishes as it seemed a good value paying £2 instead of £7.

I like pink lips & nail so I went for Cheeky Chops which is a bright warm pink coral nail polish. The colour is beautiful and I think it changes in different lighting leaning either more pink or coral.

I think this is a great shade for summer and I really like it.

Before I purchase a nail polish I usually run around the store compering it to other shades, and from what I've seen, I found No 7 shades quit unique compare to other drugstore brands.

I also found this shade is quite similar to MAC Viva Glam Nicki lipstick which I'm so happy about.

No 7 Cheeky Chops nail polish

No 7 Cheeky Chops nail polish

MAC Viva Glam Nicki & No 7 Cheeky Chops

MAC Viva Glam Nicki & No 7 Cheeky Chops

The quality of the No 7 nail polish was good. I really enjoyed the application process as the application brush in this nail polish is wide and rounded at the end. It was very comfortable to apply, I'm impressed. It dries fairly quick, but not the quickest. 

I applied 3 coats to achieve an opaque colour.

Now, the lasting power is great for me, just because most nail polishes don't last more than a day, so something lasting more than a day is a wow for me :) No 7 nail polishes survive a day at my work without chipping which is so impressive, because not many nail polishes do.

Overall I really like the quality and the colour of No 7 Cheeky Chops nail polish. 
I think it's just a bargain for £2 if you can get hold of a voucher.
Honestly, I think I'm even willing to pay a full price if I really like the shade :)

Have you tried No 7 nail polishes?

Thank you for reading,
Tanya xx

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