Monday, 20 February 2012

Last week in pictures (inc. Valentine's Day)

Hi lovelies :)

 I'm just posting some of the picture to show that I've done last week..)) No time for posting a lot of posts really :(

 Last week was a Valentines day on Tuesday. I had a lovely time with my other half. I made us a dinner and w spent all night together(like every other day..)))) It was lovely.. I forgot to take pictures of the meal, but it was nothing special to be honest.. I didn't have a lot of time to prepare it as I wanted to get it done before he came home from work :)

Then on Sunday we went for a walk on the Chase and to take lots of nice pictures.. Well, I'm not in taking pictures as mush as my other half, unless these are pictures of me :) hehe I don't think here was a lot out there to take pictures of to be honest :) We wanted to capture the deer, but they have been chased pf by the dogs :( And at the end of the day we had a lovely treat of Ultimate Mega Stack burger each lol You can see how big it is from the picture :) It was awesome.. I would definitely have it again yum yum... though not very often.. hehe

Last week I also got a small haul from Elf and a few lipsticks from MAC. I've only taken picture of one or now, as that one is from their new collection and I decided to do a review on it.


  1. Very nice. My husband and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day because we're scrooges, lol.

    I know you don't really know me, so I hope my comments aren't freaking you out. I just saw this in my blog subs.

    1. We didn't really do a lot for Valentine's day either)) Just a liitler dinner, nothung special)) I just wanted to do something nice for him when he comes back from work :)

      Your comments are fine :) I'm happy to hear any comments to be honest, other peoples opinions etc. So you're welcome to comment anytime. xx